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Lightning Storms on Aug. 17

Posted on: August 24th, 2009 by Jonathan Merage No Comments

This afternoon a flurry of slow-moving storms went up between 4-5 pm. I managed to capture a few of the closer strikes on video. Average distances were no more than two miles away!

First “strike” was very impressive. Actually consisted of four separate bolts hitting in rapid sequence, with the last bolt generating about 4 flashes before discharging (furthest left in the center picture). Of course, that all happened in 1.1 seconds (:-)
Later that night, areas from Denver south got hit with hail & more lightning. The foothills & adjacent mountains were also pummeled by an elongated thunderstorm that generated prolific lightning up until late night. I was unfortunately stuck in a meeting at that time.

Just for kicks, here’s the video clip of that powerful strike:

Posted on: August 13th, 2009 by Jonathan Merage No Comments

Just got back from a nice trip to Southern Cali for a visit with family & friends. We basically split our time between Newport Beach & LA. Been a while, but I did manage to snap a few sweet cloudscapes from the air. Gotta make the most of every moment…. (;-)

Just below cruising altitude on the way there

Here’s a low-res shot of the Grand Canyon from 30,000 ft.