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Storm Chasers Discovery Channel ’09!

Posted on: September 3rd, 2009 by Jonathan Merage 1 Comment

Going into its 3rd season, the Storm Chasers Series on the Discovery Channel premieres Oct. 18 at 8/10pm MT/ET…

The chasers & their intrepid crews work to get INSIDE several twisters, with a few successful intercepts- including one noted tornado which our team was VERY near- LaGrange, Wyoming!!
From what I’ve heard, they might even have the elusive & dangerous “straight-up view” into a tornado! We know they made a DIRECT intercept with the June 5th Wyoming tornado, with the hefty TIV crossing into the debris field during the tornado’s stronger stage and Reed Timmer’s Dominator getting passed directly OVER by the twister at a different point. Either way, the super-successful teamwork of VORTEX2 during the June 5th Wyoming intercept & study should make this a very interesting series.

Here’s a fun clip from the Season 2 finale: