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Heene Family Balloon Fiasco

Posted on: October 19th, 2009 by Jonathan Merage 1 Comment

Since this bonafide publicity stunt/attention seeking fiasco first started (and escalated out of control faster than a speeding rocket), I have been questioned about this little story by more than a few people, friends and family alike. Most of them simply asked what validity if any there was to their story, and whether I knew of this so-called family.

SO, while I am posting this a bit after the fact since it is widely known that their little stunt and ensuing wild goose chase was in fact a hoax/publicity stunt, etc., this will serve as more of a review of why I’ve become extremely disenchanted with how the media…ahem, CNN!!!…handled this ridiculous situation. Certainly not the first time…

First off: I can understand when a couple of REAL storm chasers land a same-day interview on Larry King Live to tout their ‘phenomenal’ accomplishment of getting video from inside a tornado (vis-a-vis last year). I can also understand and even appreciate when major news networks tune in to one or two storm chasers tracking the eye of a devastating hurricane making landfall on a Gulf coast.

What I cannot understand, appreciate, or have much respect for is when a major, “reputable”, 24/7 network–like CNN–chooses to devour a senseless story like the Heene fabrication and over-sensationalize the hell out of it while falsely reporting the “family” as so-called storm chasers (or “weather chasers”, as the local Denver stations called them, LOL!!).
Now, while the infamous Larry King interview (conducted by Wolf Blitzer??…hmmm) was ultimately the first unraveling of their pathetic scheme, the manner in which CNN stumbled all over itself to give the Heene’s their exclusive worldwide broadcast–EXACTLY as they had planned earlier this year–is just another sorry example of the broadcast media’s ineptitude (both local & national) in choosing QUALITY pieces to report on & disseminate, brashly clamoring for the first ‘interesting’ or noteworthy story.

Secondly: How can I put this one more simply…WHY WOULD SO MANY NETWORKS AND STATIONS PLASTER THIS ALL OVER THEIR CHANNELS WITHOUT CROSS-CHECKING THEIR SOURCES & REFERENCES?? Sure it made for a dramatic and tantalizing piece as it was claimed, but to be blunt this one just made everyone look damn stupid!

So, unfortunate as Falcon & his brothers are to get caught up in their parent’s harebrained scheme, to the parents I say this:

“You reap what you sow!!”

Good riddance.