Posted on: July 13th, 2009 by Jonathan Merage No Comments

Caught the tornado in extreme northeast Wyoming today, albeit from a distance!! Touched down at 6:35pm MDT in Crook County near I-90 just west of the South Dakota border. We observed the tornado during the latter half of its life cycle for several minutes prior to rope-out from the town of Belle Fourche (French for “beautiful fork”).

Unfortunately, large hills & road construction prevented us fom getting a clear visual of the reported “large tornado”, but nevertheless the fact that our target area verified (along with SPC’s very accurate 10% tornado risk!) as having produced the ONLY large tornado of the day was great! My only great regret is not having my camera & zoom lens on hand to capture it. Did get nice video of the VERY structuresque supercell though!

More details soon…

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