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Went on an incredible storm chase in north-central Oklahoma, starting the day in Enid with low tornado potential overall. Tracked a couple storms that erupted over west-central part of the state & quickly became awesome lightning producers but very high-based with almost nil tornado potential. After enjoying those, we headed north/east to Enid then to I-35 hoping to intercept a couple of tornado warned supercells, only one actually produced before we caught up to it, so we shot south on I-35 to Guthrie (just north of OKC) & intercepted an INCREDIBLE massive lightning storm with some rotation but mostly powerful positive CG lightning with cannon-fire thunder!
The lightning gradually became constant around/after sunset & we were treated to one of the most powerful and highly visible lightning super-storms we had witnessed in a long time.
Photos are minimally post-processed to enhance visibility & contrast. ENJOY!

Positive CG strike beneath rotating storm at Guthrie, OK

Gorgeous Curling Lightning

Just east of Edmond, OK

Powerful double strike not far away

TRIPLE Cloud-Ground Strikes!!!

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