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Finally got a chance to get the mesonet rack mounted! After considerable difficulty in finding the Yakima rail clamps & getting everyone on the same schedule (mounting this thing alone would’ve been impossible), we got her done!

We already drove through a tremendous rain & wind storm that barreled through OKC the next day and the system held up perfectly. Initially, I was concerned that any rain or moisture might leak between the clamps’ rubber grip & roof rail causing the whole thing to slip, but that wasn’t the case at all. Next step: get all wires connected & a gel-based car battery to power the rig (or power it thru the car’s battery), then get the software installed that will analye the raw data and display it in real-time on my laptop screen.

The system was designed to instantly measure & display local atmospheric variables such as temperature, moisture & humidity, air pressure, and precise wind speed & direction. All readings are updated continuously on a computer screen.

Setting up the mesonet bracket

Duct taping some sharp corners

Yeahh!! All mounted up (:-D)

Almost Ready to go!!

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