Posted on: May 24th, 2010 by Jonathan Merage 4 Comments

As expected, NWS Aberdeen has officially rated the Bowdle tornado an EF4 with wind speeds between 170-200 mph!! That makes our second certifiable EF4 (Quinter, KS of May ’08 the first) and my personal third! The first EF4 I experienced (not so much “witnessed” due to after-dark) being the famous Hoisington, Kansas tornado of April 21, 2001.

NWS described damages some which we personally witnessed (from up-close) such as “major damage to walls with roof removed” to one residence just north of town and “widespread tree damage with many of the trees completely debarked” which is impressive considering trees have a generally slim profile, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, “2 garages completely destroyed with the concrete slab wiped clean” and “ground scouring visible along the path of the electrical towers” which we witnessed and recorded. Those descriptions are hallmarks of strong-violent tornadoes. Lastly the path length, duration, and width of the vortex (estimated at one-half mile wide) defined the strength of it all!

While we didn’t have a chance to revisit the damaged areas we knew such things had occurred having witnessed the furious and violent storm motions at all levels. All features of the supercell from the moment of mesocyclogenesis through its apocalyptic maturity with a massive striated buzzsaw appearance and screaming inflow jets feeding the storm throughout the mid-levels of the atmosphere screamed violent. It was as if this storm just situated itself over one spot and had nothing to do but spin out of control. I will post many more pictures soon.

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